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Housing Development 

Sonderbloom proudly showcases below our transformative partnerships and initiatives aimed at shaping vibrant communities across Ontario. Through collaborative efforts with esteemed organizations, we are committed to delivering sustainable, affordable, and supportive housing solutions that uplift our most vulnerable populations and foster a sense of belonging. 

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Youth Without Shelter - The Helix Project

Sonderbloom is working with Youth Without Shelter (YWS) on their Helix House project, a supportive housing initiative in Toronto. This space will provide youth with the safe transitional housing needed as they continue with their studies, while at the same time providing supportive/affordable housing to the city of Toronto.


Sonderbloom is assisting YWS in securing Capital/Operational funding to support this initiative.  

Project website: 

YWS - Housing
LEF - Housin Development
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LEF - The Mount Dennis Quilt 

Sonderbloom is working with the Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF) to bring to life one of the largest supportive affordable housing projects in Ontario - The Mount Dennis Quilt (Quilt). The Quilt envisions a multi-use building offering affordable and supportive residential units, 2 floors of community space, 1 floor of retail space, and a vibrant streetscape. Sonderbloom is assisting LEF in capital/operational planning, securing government funding, establishing partnerships, stakeholder engagement and overall project management.  

Project website: 

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